Faux Fake Fur Spiked Shaggy Long Pile Fabric

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Faux Fake Fur Spiked Shaggy Long Pile Fabric

Faux Fake Fur Spiked Shaggy Long Pile Fabric

Product Information:

Shaggy Faux Fur Fabric is made for the sole purpose to appear and feel like real fur. This type of fur is used from by all types of people from designers to peoples personal use. Shaggy Fur is very durable, unmatched in warmth, and very easy to take care of. This is a very good alternative to the use of real fur due to the modern recognition for animal rights. You can also select from a wide variety of common fur colors to shades not found among animal furs. Either way, by selecting Shaggy Faux Fur you are getting the best product on the market for the best price.


Can be used for Fur Coats, Fur Clothing, Blankets, Bed Spreads, Throw Blank sets, attached to everyday accessories such as Bags, boots, and clothing, etc..

Products Details:

Made from 100% Synthetic Product
Width: 60″
No stretch
Pile Length: 1.5 inches

Care Instructions:

Machine wash cold. Air dry preferred, or tumble dry low heat, Iron on reverse side low heat. Do not iron or steam, Do not enclose in a plastic bag. like a real fur, a faux fur needs to breath. Do not use blow dryer, hang it to dry.

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