Howl At The Arctic Moon

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Faux fur is more durable than real fur and easier to take care of, with less shedding than an actual pelt. This particular material is uniquely designed to mimic a Tundra wolf and doesn’t stretch, though it’s sixty inches across and sells for $29.99 a yard, making it ideal for projects large and small.

Grabbing a handful of fur can mean digging your fingers into the two and a half inches of this synthetic wolf fur, whether you’ve wrapped yourself up in a home-made coat or battened it into a sturdy blanket. Obviously, you can’t use this for making bed sheets, but there’s nothing stopping you from making more than one set of blankets and wrapping up in them to ward off a chill. A coat requires more cutting and sewing, though, just like any kind of clothing, costume, or accessory. Give yourself a little extra material on the edges than you think you need, since cutting the fabric causes shedding along the edges and you can always trim away what’s unnecessary. Sew slowly and don’t get frustrated, as the fibers can gum up machines quickly, making even the smallest projects take longer.

To get rid of scraps, make keychains.

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