Unique Shag For A Uniq-You

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Sporting names like Raspberry, this dual tone patterned fur comes in five distinct shades for only $29.99 a yard. The material is made chiefly of acrylic with some polyester and doesn’t stretch, so it should do well for any type of project you want to use it for, provided you remember that you have to deliberately put in the excess give. A single yard has a width of 58 to 60 inches, giving you plenty of playing space. With a fur depth of roughly three inches though it might get caught underfoot as shaggy leggings.

These colors will provide a bold statement for your fur-covered costumes or adorning your bedding as a blanket. Faux fur is arguably more durable than real fur and has less shedding during the cutting and sewing portions of your work, but expect some anyway and plan for it by working slow and leaving extra on your trims. You can always cut off leftover, but you can’t add any back.

If you end up with too much scrap, don’t hesitate to use it for a scarf or make yourself a unique handbag. If they’re long strips, you can braid them for a look all your own.

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