Yeti-Inspired Chair Covers? Why not?

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Do you want to spice up your furnishings? Do you find yourself looking at your chairs and wishing they had a little something extra? Then let us suggest delightfully unique chair covers, made by you to fit your furniture exactly. Yeti Mongolian Faux Fur Fabric in Pearl Pink will give you that outstanding look. This fabric features 4″ pile, giving a comfortable padding to your chair covers. The Pearl Pink color gives interest without being overpowering. The overall mystical yeti look of this fabric will definitely catch your guest’s attention. Why not make your furnishings stand out?

This faux fur fabric has a width of 58/60 inches and is made of 80% acrylic and 20% polyester. It does not stretch, so it will keep its shape once sewn. You can get this fabric for $28.99 or ask for a $1 sample if you don’t want to commit just yet. But don’t think too long-this is your chance to add something new and different to your home!

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yeti Mongolian pink faux fur

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