Rainbow Fur Fabric Halloween Fluffies

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Rainbow Fur Fabric Halloween Fluffies

Rainbow Fur Fabric Halloween Fluffies

What a fun project just in time for the holidays! These adorable Fluffies are made from our Faux Fur Striped Rainbow Long Pile Fabric. Warm and hip, these Fluffies are the perfect project for Halloween or even as a gift for Christmas. Fluffies are great for the kid in us all and sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face!

This fabric comes in 2 fabulous styles to choose from, both high-quality and filled with imagination! Our Rainbow Faux Fur is non-stretch and 60” in width. It is also sold by the yard which makes it ideal making numerous Fluffies. Make a pair for everyone on your holiday list! Simply measure the leg, cut out your dimension and stitch them up-super easy and fast for a fun look for Halloween. Great for any age and versatile for costumes and dress up fun!

Each fun-filled fabric choice has a continuous colorful pattern giving it a whimsical look that is great for costumes and Theatrical productions.
With our super-fast shipping you can order this today and still have time to make them by Halloween!

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