A Coat of Many Colors

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The animal kingdom is a riot of color, and humans have always been looking for a way to wear those colors themselves. Weighing in at a little over two and a half pounds a yard, this acrylic faux fur is 64″ inches across and sells at $18.99 a yard. But if you buy more than fifteen yards, you can get it down to $16.90, and when you double that, it becomes only $13.25 a yard. Buying in bulk becomes your friend, especially if you have a bunch of projects you want it for.

This dense pelt has a thickness of roughly one inch, making it ideal for pillows and warm blankets, either for your bed or the furniture. A vest made of fur makes an interesting fashion statement, or you can continue on, making a fur coat, shirt, or a pair of pants. Use it to add a bit of color to your accessories with fur trimming on your purse or your boots. Make arm and leg warmers, or stitch a long strip to itself and make a scarf out of it. With eleven distinct colors to choose from, there is likely one that will suit a project for you.

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Short Shag Faux Fur Fabric

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The Warmth Of Russia

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Winter can be a difficult time, especially in Russia, where they’re so harsh and inhospitable they turn back invading armies. But nature, and eventually science, figured out the best way to survive in a winter wonderland was to have a thick fur coat.

Synthetic fur lasts longer and provides excellent warmth, and this one is made from acrylic and polyester with a good two inch fur length to bury your fingers in. The width of the fabric is 58 to 60 inches, plenty long enough for a couch throw or to work into a blanket. The coat color is meant to resemble an arctic husky, so there may be a bit of trouble recognizing when it gets dirty, but you can use it as a strip of decoration on purses, boots, and other clothing, or go all out and sew yourself a furry costume.

With proper care of it, each and every yard should last for years to come. That’s important, since every yard sells for $30.99 and you should always get your money’s worth from your product.

Because of the warmth, scarves or muffs would be excellent beginning projects if someone is new to sewing or fur.

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Calling The Wild

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Faux fur lasts longer than real fur since synthetic fibers don’t deteriorate as quickly as a natural pelt, though it still provides the realistic look and feel. This fabric is designed to mimic mountain wolves in color, with fur a thick two inches and a width roughly 58 to 60 inches across. Every yard sells at $30.99 and is easy to take care of, whether it’s being made into a comfortable fur coat or being attached as a fashion accessory to something you wear all the time.

Arguably this material might have certain limited uses, since it might be too thick to use for a baby’s regular sleeping blanket, but for the most part the only restriction is actually creativity. Fur-lined boots or even full costumes, for special occasions and casual attire both. Add it to furniture with a bit of dedication and put your faux fur blanket on your faux fur couch. Go full out and stretch it over your wall, or back with a waterproof material and build a conical tent for summer in the yard.

If you run into a problem with scraps from your projects, you can build some keyrings to save waste and gift money.

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wolf short pile faux fur

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